Small Acts of Kindness For Small Needs

William is a Northern Colorado veteran who needed help walking his dog for a few weeks while he recovered from a medical procedure.  His family lives out of town, and although he has been in the area for a couple of years, he knows people but doesn’t really have many close friends.

He called Veterans Compass asking if we knew of a person or an organization that might be able to help him.  At the time William called us, we didn’t really have a mechanism in place to support his request for help. That simple question, however, led to the formation of the Band-Aid Brigade…Small acts of kindness for small needs.

Volunteers from the Band-Aid Brigade visited William daily to take his beloved companion for a short walk.  Much more was accomplished however than simply walking the dog.  A new friendship and partnership were forged.  Our Band-Aid Brigade volunteers learned William’s rich history and how he had served our country.  William learned about the northern Colorado community and how willing people are to support the needs of veterans.

A new friendship and partnership were formed. Now that he has recovered, William has become a volunteer himself.

And the BandAid Brigade grows. Certainly, our volunteers are helping veterans with small needs but so much more than that, it has also become an opportunity for intergenerational relationships to be formed, fostered an understanding of the sacrifices military service requires, and reconnected veterans that might otherwise be alone.

Small Acts of Kindness for Small Needs.

Sometimes veterans just need a helping hand for a brief period. A dog walk, a grocery run or maybe just a cuppa coffee and a chat.  Veterans Compass partners with community members who volunteer to provide assistance for simple, one-time, and short-term needs. We’re here to help.

If you need help, please call us at 970-567-8807.  or complete this online Questions or Comments form.  Give us a little information and we will get back to you within a day. Once we have an understanding, we’ll post your job on the calendar, and BandAid Brigade members will sign up to fill the need.

Join the Band-aid Brigade

Please complete the Volunteer Registration form choosing Band-Aid Brigade as your area of interest. 

Choose how and when to help

The Band-Aid Brigade is run via an online calendar. Volunteers may choose how and when they are able to offer help to veterans.  Once, once or twice, once a week.