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Why do I want to help Veterans?  While I’ve always had respect for veterans, police officers, firemen, and others who put their lives on the line for us every day, my respect grew to admiration.

I learned what it really meant when a young man or woman steps forward to do this heavy lifting.  It means turning your life over to the US Government for four years (or more. ) Your schedule is what they want it to be.   No more planned birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals, or even weekends unless it fits into their plans for you.

It means terrible pay and significant training.   It can mean going into combat.  Multiple times.   With living conditions that are sometimes unimaginable.  (Like trying to cool yourself in 130-degree heat under the shade of your HMMWV.  Injury—physical and mental is likely.  Or worse.

How do I know what this means?  I am not a Veteran.  My son is.  And while I didn’t experience any of this, I lived it through him.  And when he came home from his second deployment to Afghanistan, I witnessed the changes:  waking several times every night; explosive anger, unspeakable sadness in his eyes.   Seeing this and not knowing where to turn, I knew they needed more.

I believed that ALL Veterans deserved to be welcomed home, thanked, and helped when needed.  THEY SAID YES.  Now it’s our turn.

Time Talent and Treasure

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Through our many partnerships, programs, and services, Veterans Compass is committed to helping veterans and veteran and active-duty families.  Your financial support is vital in order for us to carry out our mission.

Your donation helps a veteran like Jerry, a fully disabled 84-year-old marine living in low-income housing. Jerry gets most of his groceries from the Food Bank but with the stay at home orders of the COVID-19 outbreak, and given his advanced age and compromised immune system, Jerry couldn’t leave his apartment.

Jerry was referred to us by the VA.  One of our Band-Aid Brigade members (small acts of kindness for small needs) began bringing Jerry groceries. We were able to work with Serve 6.8 for some basics but after a couple of weeks, Jerry needed meat, some other basics like butter and oil, and he loves cranberry juice. Veterans Compass was able to supplement Jerry’s grocery boxes with some specific purchases that more fully met his needs.

Especially in difficult times such as the COVID-19 outbreak, there are many veterans like Jerry in Northern Colorado. Each of them has weekly needs. Jerry’s cloister will continue for a prolonged period of time.  Your donation helps us get veterans like Jerry some comfort in this difficult time.

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Make a difference, get involved! Volunteering is a great way to show your support. You’ll meet the nicest people, and gain an understanding of the sacrifices veterans have made while helping those who’ve served our nation. Veterans Compass has several volunteer opportunities including:

The Band-Aid Brigade…Small acts of kindness for small needs, the Navigator Program…veterans helping veterans navigate the path to help them thrive, as well as administrative and special event support.  We appreciate any level of involvement and welcome your time and talent on behalf of those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

If you want to get involved please be in touch.  We are always looking for compassionate, caring volunteers.  Please complete our Volunteer Application to connect with us.


You and your business can support Veterans in northern Colorado through Veterans Compass business parterships. Become a Dog Tag supporter, an Enlisted Donors or a Veteran Supporter.

Please visit our Business Enlistment page for additional information. If you are ready to become a member now, please Register as a Business Partner.

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